4WD & Performance

Regular service for your 4WD is essential to maintain and keep it in good working condition. With all the latest equipment and accessories available these days, you can feel safe to go on those long drives. At Mackay Diesel Centre, we offer you quality services at reasonable prices.

Choose from our service options to ensure your 4WD is running smoothly and safely. Options include:

  • Engine oil and oil filter change.
  • Filter inspections.
  • Fuel injection repairs.
  • General servicing.
  • Log book servicing.
  • Full vehicle servicing.
  • Pre-trip inspections and safety checks.
  • Computer diagnostic scanning with report.
  • Fleet maintenance.
  • Service light re-set.
  • Road test.

Price for 4WD service is dependent on the make and model of your vehicle and the services required.

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