Initially designed as an injection system for trucks and heavy vehicles, the diesel fuel injection system is now commonly found in passenger vehicles as well. 

The diesel fuel injection system

The fuel injection system is an essential system in the diesel engine and needs to be maintained in its best condition. This system consists of:

  • fuel injection pump that pressurises the fuel to high pressure
  • high-pressure pipe that transfer the fuel to injection nozzle
  • injection nozzle that injects the fuel into the cylinder
  • feed pump that sucks the fuel out from the fuel tank
  • fuel filter that helps in filtering the fuel

The pressure used by this system is far higher than the older mechanical injectors. 

Why diesel fuel injectors fail

Diesel injectors can fail due to following reasons:

  • leakage of the fuel
  • mechanical issues in the injector structure
  • the quality of fuel running through the injector is not good

Lifespan of a diesel fuel injector

Diesel fuel injectors have a shorter lifespan than the older mechanical injector. This means that they need to be replaced more often. A good quality, well-maintained fuel injector can go on for around 150,000 kms. Even if you have maintained your fuel injector well and aren’t facing any major issues, it is advisable to get it checked for replacement around this time. 

Signs that the diesel fuel injector needs repairs

In case of any issues in the diesel injectors, you can experience the following symptoms with the vehicle:

The vehicle is misfiring

If your vehicle is misfiring on ignition, you may need to get the fuel injector checked. Clogging in the fuel injector can cause misfiring of the vehicle and the injector needs to be cleaned.

There is power fluctuation

If the RPM gauge is up and down and the vehicle starts revving in an inconsistent manner, it could be a sign of fuel injector issues. Damaged or clogged fuel injector can cause inconsistent supply of fuel to the engine which can lead to power fluctuation and decreased performance of the vehicle.

You can smell the fuel

If you can smell the diesel, it is mostly a sign of leakage. Leakage can happen if the injector seal is cracked or if a valve doesn’t close properly. In case of any diesel odours, take the car to a mechanic and get the fuel injector checked.

Fuel economy is reduced

Worn and damaged fuel injectors require more energy and burn more fuel to achieve the performance. This can cause the fuel economy to reduce. If you observe any sudden decrease in the fuel economy, it is time to get the fuel injector checked.

Maintaining the diesel fuel injector

To keep your diesel fuel injector running smoothly, make sure you use high-quality diesel for your car. If there is contamination in the fuel, it can cause a lot of debris that can lead to clogging in the fuel injector and ultimately lead to malfunctioning. Also, keep an eye on the warning signs and if any symptoms appear, get the issue checked at once.