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EGR System Clean

We have different options for cleaning the EGR system. Mackay Diesel Centre go through a 5 stage process to remove the carbon soot build up in your engine.

We start by dipping your Inlet Manifold and EGR parts twice in a chemical formula to dissolve any build up of carbon. It then goes through a blasting process with an in house formula put together by Mackay Diesel Centre to get that smooth original look from the factory. You then have the option of having your inlet manifold and EGR air brushed with a heat proof ceramic chrome coat to give it some bling.

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Injector Pump Mods (for turbo)

Duration varies • Price varies

Injector pump mods can be performed at Mackay Diesel Centre from non turbo to turbo.

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Duration varies • Price varies

We have been installing catch cans for few years now. Mackay Diesel Centre does research to provide their customers with quality products HPD and Direction Plus Provent is our main brands we have been using with success.

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Fuel Manager Kits

Duration varies • Price varies

Protect your vehicle from the nasty contamination in your fuel system by adding one of the Fuel Manager Kits will save you top dollars.

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