Diesel Fuel Injectors

The fuel injection system is one of the most important systems in the diesel engine and comprises of:

A fuel injection pump to pressurise the fuel to high pressure
An injection nozzle to inject the fuel into the cylinder
A high-pressure pipe to transfer the fuel to the injection nozzle
A feed pump to suck the fuel out from the fuel tank
A fuel filter to filter the fuel

The pressure used by the new diesel fuel injection system is much greater than the mechanical injectors used earlier.

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The lifespan of diesel fuel injectors is comparatively shorter than the older mechanical injectors. A good quality diesel fuel injector can go on for around 150,000 kms if maintained properly. It is advisable to get the fuel injector checked for replacement after this even if you aren’t facing any problems.

Signs that the diesel fuel injector needs to be checked

Due to a variety of reasons, the diesel fuel injectors can get damaged before time and may need repairs or replacements.

Fuel economy and mileage is lowered

When a fuel injector isn’t working properly, it starts consuming more fuel. It means that you can notice lowered mileage and more expenditure on fuel. In case you observe that the vehicle has suddenly started performing poorly in terms of mileage, get the fuel injector checked.

The vehicle starts misfiring

When the fuel injector gets clogged, it can cause misfiring of the vehicle. It could mean that it needs to be checked and the fuel injector probably needs some cleaning. If you notice that the vehicle is misfiring on ignition, get the fuel injector checked at once. A clogged injector just in need of cleaning can get damaged if not treated in time.

Fuel smell from the vehicle

Any leakage in the fuel injector can cause a prominent fuel smell. Leakages happen when a valve doesn’t close properly or if the injector seal is cracked. If you notice any diesel smell from your vehicle, do not ignore it and get the injector checked at once.

Power fluctuation in vehicle

If the vehicle starts revving in an inconsistent manner or the RPM gauge keeps going up and down, it can mean that something is wrong with the fuel injector. The injector could be clogged or damaged which can cause inconsistent fuel supply to the engine. This causes power fluctuation and lowered performance of the vehicle. Get the vehicle checked at once if you notice this happening.

Why diesel fuel injectors fail earlier than expected

Diesel injectors fail earlier due to a number of reasons including:

Low quality of fuel being used
Fuel leakage
Injector structure has any mechanical issues

Taking care of diesel fuel injectors

Use high quality diesel

To keep the diesel fuel injector running in its best condition, use only high-quality diesel for the vehicle. Any contamination in the fuel can lead to a collection of debris which can clog the fuel injector. This may require frequent cleaning and can also damage the injector.

Fuel additives for cleaning

Fuel additives can be poured into the fuel tank to service the injectors without removing them from the vehicle. These additives contain jet fuel and concentrated fuel detergents that flow in the system and clean the deposits on the tips of the injectors. This can be done in between services to maintain a clean diesel fuel injector to avoid or remove any minor clogs.

It is recommended to get the fuel injectors cleaned after every 15,000 miles by a certified mechanic.

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