Audi Diesel Fuel Injectors

The diesel fuel injection system delivers fuel into the engine cylinders, and controls the fuel atomization, injection timing, and some other parameters.

Fuel injectors have a limited lifespan and need to be checked and replaced.

It is recommended to get the fuel injectors cleaned after every 150,000 kms by a certified mechanic.

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Bad fuel injector warning signs in Audi

The symptoms that bad fuel injectors show can be similar to the symptoms of bad fuel filters or pumps. This is why special attention needs to be paid and the fuel pressure at the rail needs to be checked. This can help in verifying is there’s a problem with the injector or only the pump or filter.

Bad Fuel Injector Symptoms

In case of unresponsive, clogged or dirty injectors you may notice

Lowered Fuel Mileage

When the fuel injectors are not functioning properly, you can notice a decrease in the fuel mileage. The engine management computer adjusts the air/fuel ratio and timing for optimal combustion. Any problems with the injector can hinder this mechanism, causing more fuel to burn and mileage gets lowered.

Difficulty in starting the engine

In case of clogging, some of the cylinders may not get the right amount of fuel. This makes it difficult for the engine to turn over. If you notice any difficulty in starting your car, it may be time to get the injector checked.

Loss of Power

If you notice lack of power in the vehicle, it may be due to issues with the injector. When the injector is not working properly, the fuel is not utilised efficiently, which can cause power issues.

Detonation or Knocking

Detonation or knocking can be seriously dangerous for the engine. It can lead to blowing of the engine. If you notice any detonation or knocking, get the vehicle checked at once. It can be an issue with the injector.

Idling Issues

If you notice a sudden drop in idle speed or if it seems like the engine is about to get turned off, you may have problems with the injector. It is best to get it checked at once as it can be dangerous if ignored.

Emissions Issues

Increase in exhaust emissions can happen if the right amount of fuel does not enter the combustion chamber. This block could be due to clogging in the injector and should be cleared at the earliest.

In case of leaking injectors you may notice

A leaking injector can give the following warning signs:

Fuel smell from the vehicle

Fuel smell can be the most prominent signs of leakage in the injector. Leakages happen when a valve doesn’t close properly or if the injector seal is cracked. If you notice any diesel smell from your vehicle, do not ignore it and get the injector checked at once.

Oil is thinning

When fuel leaks from the injector, a lot of it does not get burned in the combustion chamber. This excess unused fuel is sent out as exhaust which can decrease the engine’s lubrication.

Engine is locking up

If excess gas gets in the oil, the motor tends to lock up. If you suspect there is gas in the oil and the engine starts locking up, do not drive the vehicle without getting the oil changed first.

Why diesel fuel injectors fail earlier than expected

Diesel injectors fail earlier due to a number of reasons including:

Low quality of fuel being used
Fuel leakage
Injector structure has any mechanical issues

Clogged injectors need to get cleaned by professionals. In case they are only dirty but not clogged, you can use fuel injector cleaner.

Due to a variety of reasons, the diesel fuel injectors can get damaged before time and may need repairs or replacements.

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