Ford Diesel Fuel Injectors

The fuel injection system is one of the most important systems in the diesel engine.

It comes with a limited lifespan and needs to be checked after every 150,000 kms. However, it can sometimes fail earlier.

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Why Ford Diesel Fuel Injectors Fail and signs to look for

When diesel fuel injectors don’t work properly, the power stroke may not run correctly, or even start.

Cause: Bad Fuel

Using high quality fuel is important to maintain your diesel fuel injector and keep it running for long in its best condition.

Diesel injectors can fail if you use low quality fuel. Lower quality fuel can have harmful contaminants that can cause clogging as well as erosion of the control valve. This ultimately leads to the damage of the fuel system.

Why you shouldn’t use low quality fuel:

• It can have particles that can lead to clogging
• It can lead to corrosion of the valve from excessive water through the tank vent or delivery system
• It can cause improper fuel storage

Make sure you use only the high quality fuel and purchase fuel from reputed service stations.

Cause: Erosion

Diesel fuel injectors can fail due to erosion of the control valve. There is a small valve in a diesel fuel injector through which the fuel passes under high pressure. It can get eroded which can cause the pressurised ball in the injector to fail to seal properly.

Signs to look for:

• Idling or Starting issues with the vehicle
• Unusual and excessive smoke

This can put your engine in danger of failure.

The best solution in case of erosion of the valve is to go for replacement of the diesel injector.
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Cause: Incorrect Installation of the fuel injector

This is a less common issue as the installation is mostly done by professionals.

If any parts like sealing rings are missing, or if torque is not tightened properly, it can cause the injector to malfunction.

Signs to look for:

Improper injector installation can lead to misfiring, poor performance of the vehicle and also cause black smoke.

If you notice that the Check engine light is illuminated after installing a new injector, it could be due to incorrect installation.

At Mackay Diesel Centre, we can fix your injector installation issues and advise you on how to take care of it.

Other signs that your ford diesel fuel injector needs to be checked

Fuel smell from the vehicle

Fuel smell coming from your vehicle can be a sign of leakage in the fuel injector. If you start noticing fuel smell, get the injector checked at once.

Fuel mileage is lowered

When a fuel injector does not work properly, it starts consuming more fuel. It means that the fuel mileage get decreased and your expenditure on fuel gets increased. In case you notice that your vehicle has suddenly started giving poor fuel mileage, it is time to get the fuel injector checked.

Power fluctuation in vehicle

If your vehicle suddenly starts revving or the RPM gauge keeps going in an inconsistent manner, get the fuel injector checked. It could be due to clogging in the injector causing improper fuel supply to the engine.

Caring for your ford diesel fuel injector

It is recommended to get the injector checked and cleaned at regular intervals to keep them running for long. You can get your vehicle to our mechanics to get the fuel injector checked after every 150,000kms.

To maintain a clean injector, fuel additives can also be added. These additives contain jet fuel and concentrated fuel detergents that flow in the system and clean the deposits on the tips of the injectors. This can keep the injector working properly and also remove minor clogs.

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