Great Wall Diesel Fuel Injectors

The diesel fuel injection system delivers fuel into the engine cylinders and is one of the most important systems of the diesel engine.

Fuel injectors have a limited lifespan and need to be checked and replaced at regular intervals. It is recommended to get the fuel injectors checked after every 150,000 kms of driving by a certified mechanic.

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Sometimes, diesel fuel injectors can fail before their expected lifespan. It could be due to a number of reasons including poor maintenance.

Symptoms of a failing diesel fuel injector

Check engine light is on

Issues in the diesel fuel injector can cause problems in the engine. This can in turn, cause the check engine light to go on. If you notice this light is on, do not ignore the sign and get the engine as well as the injector checked.

Engine knocking

Engine knocking can happen due to incorrect air-fuel mixture when the fuel is not ignited properly. This can cause detonations which can seriously harm the engine and cause it to blow.

Rough idling

Due to insufficient fuel delivery caused by clogging or other problems in the injector, the RPM at idle can drop. This results in rough idling and even stalling.

Leakage and fuel smell

If you notice any fuel smell or presence of fuel on the exterior of the injector, there is a leakage in the injector.

Engine misfiring

When the fuel injector gets clogged, it can cause inconsistent fuel supply leading to misfiring of the vehicle. It could mean that the fuel injector probably needs some cleaning. If you notice any misfiring on ignition, get the fuel injector checked at once.

Engine surge

A malfunctioning injector can also sometimes supply more than required fuel to the cylinder. This can cause engine surge which leads to unusual changes in engine revs. This can cause serious problems in the engine.

Increased emissions

Bad fuel injector can cause incomplete combustion of the diesel fuel and lead to increased emissions.

Reduced fuel economy

Failing fuel injectors can cause excess burning of the fuel, leading to reduced mileage. If you notice the mileage has reduced and the vehicle is using up more fuel than required, get the injector checked.

Reasons for Great Wall diesel fuel injector failure before expected lifespan

Although these injectors are designed to last for longer, they are also prone to wear due to various reasons.

Particle contamination

Particle contamination can cause huge damage to the injectors. This contamination is mainly caused due to ineffective filtration. The unfiltered particles getting in the system can lead to erosion of the control valve and ball and also affect the distribution and timing of the injected fuel by altering the spray pattern. This can cause a number of symptoms like misfiring, engine not turning properly and more.

Water contamination

If the fuel is not handled and stored properly, it can cause water to get in the fuel. This water, when entered in the system can react with the chemicals and cause corrosion of the metal surfaces of the injector. Water contamination can not only cause damage to the injector but also to the high pressure fuel pump.

Incorrect installation

Incorrect installation can be the reason for injector failure which may require repairing, or even replacement. That’s why it is best to get the installation done by qualified mechanics.

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Any missing or ill-fitted parts can allow combustion residue to leak. It can show us problems like poor fuel efficiency, mileage and injector performance.

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