Hyundai Diesel Fuel Injector

Hyundai fuel injectors have a specific lifespan and need to be checked regularly. Regular maintenance and servicing reduces the chances of premature injector failure.

It is recommended to get the fuel injectors checked after every 150,000 kms by a certified mechanic.

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Hyundai fuel injector warning signs

It can sometimes get difficult to differentiate between the symptoms of a bad fuel injector and bad fuel filter or pump. If not examined properly, there are chances that you might throw away a good fuel injector just because of a bad pump or filter. By paying special attention to the fuel pressure at the rail, you can identify if the pump or filter is faulty, or you need to replace the fuel injector.

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Symptoms of a bad fuel injector

Low Fuel Mileage

The engine management computer adjusts the air/fuel ratio and timing for optimal combustion. Any problems with the injector can cause this mechanism to malfunction, leading to excessive burning of fuel and mileage gets lowered. When the fuel injectors stop working correctly, you may notice some decrease in the fuel mileage.

Difficulty to start the engine

Some of the cylinders may not get the right amount of fuel if there is a problem in the injector. This can make it difficult for the engine to turn over. Get your injector checked at once if you face any issues with starting the engine.

Lack of Power

If there is a lack of power in the vehicle, it may be due to problems with the injector. If the injector is not functioning properly, the fuel is not utilised efficiently leading to power issues.

Engine Detonation

Detonation or knocking of the engine can be seriously dangerous and may cause the engine to blow. If any detonation or knocking starts to happen, get the injector and the engine checked at once.

Idle Issues

If there is a sudden drop in idle speed, it could mean that there is a problem with the injector. It is best to get it checked at the earliest as it can be dangerous if ignored.

Emission Issues

If the right amount of fuel does not enter the combustion chamber, it can also cause an increase in exhaust emissions.

All the above mentioned issues can be caused due to unresponsive, clogged or dirty injectors.

Locking up of engine

If excessive gas gets in the oil, the motor can get locked up. It is highly unsafe to drive with gas in oil. Get the oil changed and the injector checked at once.

Fuel smell coming from the vehicle

If you can smell the fuel, it means that there is a leakage in the system. Leakage happens if the valve doesn’t seal properly or if the injector seal is cracked. Do not ignore this most prominent sign of damage in the fuel injector and get it checked today.

These above mentioned symptoms show up in case of leakage in the injectors.

Caring for your Hyundai diesel fuel injector

To maintain a clean injector, fuel additives can be used. These additives contain concentrated fuel detergents and flow in the system to clean the deposits on the tips of the injectors. This can keep the injector working properly and also remove minor clogs.

It is recommended to get the diesel injector checked and cleaned at regular intervals to keep them running for long. You can get your vehicle to our mechanics to get the fuel injector checked after every 150,000kms.

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