Mercedes Benz Diesel Fuel Injector

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are not only designed for luxury but also for maximum efficiency and great performance. All the parts and components in a Mercedes-Benz engine are engineered to provide high performance.

Diesel fuel injectors are of the same high quality and serve as an important system of the Mercedes’ engine.

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The engines in modern diesel Mercedes-Benz use common-rail direct injection. These systems use high-pressure rails to direct fuel to each valve.

How is the common rail fuel injection system better?

This system is better than traditional injection methods in a lot of ways. It allows:

• better consumption of fuel for maximum efficiency
• reduced emissions
• less noise than other systems

It also delivers more power to the vehicle.

Sometimes we tend to ignore Mercedes diesel fuel injectors even when they get old because replacement can be expensive. Even though they are built to last, they come with a limited life expectancy.

Older or ill-maintained injectors can cause a lot of problems and damage the engine and other components.

The diesel fuel injectors can get damaged due to a variety of reasons and may need repairs or replacements. It is always better to get them checked regularly and replaced when required. Having properly maintained diesel fuel injectors can reduce the risk of premature failure and keeps the vehicle running in its best condition.

Signs you need to get your Mercedes diesel fuel injectors checked

Decrease in fuel economy and mileage

When a fuel injector isn’t working properly, it starts consuming more fuel. It means that you can notice lowered mileage and more expenditure on fuel. In case you observe that the vehicle has suddenly started performing poorly in terms of mileage, get the fuel injector checked.

Misfiring of the engine

Clogging in the fuel injector can cause the vehicle to misfire. Get the fuel injector checked at once if the vehicle starts misfiring as may be in need of cleaning. If ignored for long and not cleaned in time, it can cause further serious damage.

Fuel smell coming from the vehicle

It is not difficult to notice if fuel starts leaking. Fuel smell is prominent and can catch your attention fast. This can happen if there is a leakage in the fuel injector. The valve may not be closing properly or the injector seal might be cracked. Get the injector checked and replaced if required, at once if you start noticing any fuel smell.

Lack of power

If you notice your Mercedes revving in an inconsistent manner or the RPM gauge keeps going up and down, it can be a sign of a bad fuel injector. There could be clogging or damage that is causing inconsistent supply of fuel. This can lower the performance of your car.

Maintaining Mercedes diesel fuel injectors

Use good quality fuel

Keep the diesel fuel injector running in its best condition by using only high-quality diesel for your car. Low quality fuel can cause contamination that can lead to clogging or corrosion in the injector.

Fuel additives for cleaning

Fuel additives can be used to maintain clean fuel injectors. These are poured into the fuel tank to keep the injectors clean. They contain concentrated fuel detergents that flow in the system to clean the deposits on the tips of the injectors. This can remove any minor clogs.

Get the fuel injectors installed by the best professional mechanics. Improper installation can also lead to premature failure. This may cost you repairs and even replacement in some cases.

Along with selling diesel fuel injectors, we also offer repairs and installations.

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