Nissan Diesel Fuel Injector

The diesel fuel injectors deliver fuel into the engine cylinders, control the fuel atomization, injection timing, and some other parameters.

It is recommended to get the fuel injectors cleaned after every 150,000 kms by a certified mechanic.

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Symptoms of a bad Nissan fuel injector

Symptoms of damaged fuel injectors are similar to those of bad pumps and filters. That’s why it is important to check carefully to avoid throwing away a good injector just because of a bad pump or filter.

Nissan fuel injectors use common rail direct injection. The fuel pressure at the rail can be checked to determine if the injector is failing.

Nissan fuel injectors can fail due to two main reasons:

1. Clogging or dirt in the injector

Symptoms of clogging or dirt in the injectors:

Engine doesn’t turn over

In case of clogging, some of the cylinders may not get the right amount of fuel. This makes it difficult for the engine to turn over. If you notice any difficulty in starting your car, it may be time to get the injector checked.

Reduced fuel economy and mileage

Fuel mileage gets decreased when fuel injectors start failing. The vehicle starts using up more fuel to reach the optimal combustion. This can cause you to spend more on fuel and get less mileage. If you notice any drop in mileage and fuel economy, get the fuel injectors checked.

Engine detonation

Detonation is a serious issue and can cause the engine to blow up. If your engine starts detonating or knocking, your fuel injector may be failing.

Lack of power

Loss of power happens when the fuel is not utilised efficiently. The reason behind this could be clogging, leakage or any other damage in the duel injector.

Increased emission

Increased emissions can be caused by inconsistent supply of fuel to the combustion chamber. This can happen if there is any clogging or leakage in the injector and needs to be addressed at the earliest.

Idle problems

If there is a sudden drop in idle speed, it could be due to problems with the fuel injector. Get the fuel injected checked, repaired or replaced if required at the earliest.

2. Leakage in the injector:

Symptoms of Leakage in the injector

Fuel smell

Fuel smell can be the most prominent signs of leakage in the injector. It is not difficult to notice fuel smell coming from the car. Leakage can happen if a valve doesn’t close properly or if the injector seal gets cracked. Do not ignore fuel smell as leakage can be a serious issue and get the injector checked at once.

Engine starts to lock up

The motor can get locked up when excess gas is present in the oil. It can be highly dangerous to drive a car with gas in fuel. If you suspect this could be the case, get the oil changed and the injector checked at once.

Reasons for failure of diesel fuel injectors

Usage of low quality fuel

Low quality fuel can contain contaminants that can react with the chemicals and cause corrosion in the injector. They can also have particles that can cause clogging in the injector.

Clogged injectors need to get cleaned by professionals. In case they are only dirty but not clogged, you can use fuel injector cleaner.

Improper installation of the injector

If the injectors are not installed correctly, it can lead to premature failure. This can cause you to get heavy repairs or even replacement.

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