Ssangyong Diesel Fuel Injector

The fuel injectors in your SsangYong diesel engine are important for the functioning and efficiency of the vehicle.

Well maintained fuel injectors provide optimum fuel efficiency, cleaner emissions and increase the performance of the vehicle. Any issues with the injectors can cause a lot of problems. It can bring down the efficiency and performance and cause other damages to the vehicle.

Always have well maintained fuel injectors to keep your car running in its best condition.

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It is important to spot a failing fuel injector and get it repaired or replaced at once for maximum performance and efficiency.

Damage in fuel injectors can occur at any time due to various reasons but it mostly happens around the end of their lifespan. Diesel fuel injectors can last for around 150,000 kms and should be checked around that time for replacement.

Most common symptoms of faulty fuel injectors
Strong fuel odor from the vehicle
Lower fuel efficiency and mileage
Low RPMs
Trouble starting the vehicle
Engine misfiring
Strong fuel odor from the vehicle

Fuel smell coming from the vehicle is a sign that should never be avoided. It can be subtle in the beginning but a strong smell means that your fuel injectors may be failing. Fuel smell can be caused due to leakage of fuel from the injector nozzle or tip or a nearby line. Leakage can also be observed if you see any fuel on the exterior of the injector.

Lower fuel efficiency and mileage

Fuel efficiency is maintained when the right amount of fuel enters the engine chambers. When the injectors work correctly, you can get maximum efficiency. But any damage can significantly lower it. It can get heavier on your pocket as you may need more refuelling and lose on mileage. If ignored for long, it can cause significant damage to the functioning of the entire vehicle.


Failing injector systems can cause further damage to the entire engine if ignored for long. This can cause lower RPMs. If the injectors get clogged or have leakage, the engine does not get the right amount of fuel which can leave you with low RPMs. It means that the engine is working harder than it should which can cause it to get damaged.

Trouble starting the vehicle

It your vehicle is taking longer to start or is failing to start even when there is enough fuel in the tank, it is a sign of failing fuel injector. The injector could either be clogged or leaking and needs to be checked by a mechanic at once.

Engine misfiring

Engine misfiring can happen along with trouble when starting the vehicle. It is a clear and prominent sign of damaged fuel injector. If it is ignored for long, it could lead to other problems like stalling and may even damage the engine.

Maintaining SsangYong diesel fuel injectors

There are certain precautions and steps you can take to avoid premature failing of the injectors.

Clean the injector with fuel additives

Fuel additives are used to maintain clean injectors and remove minor clogs. They contain concentrated fuel detergents that can be poured into the fuel tank. These detergents flow through the system and clean any deposits on the injector tips.

Use only good quality diesel

To maintain the diesel fuel injector in its best condition, use only high-quality diesel. Any contamination in the fuel can cause debris which can clog the fuel injector. It can also have particles that can react and corrode the injector.

Get injector installations done by professionals

If the injectors are not installed correctly, it can lead to premature failure. This can cause you to get heavy repairs or even replacement. Get the installation done by qualified professionals.

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