Toyota Diesel Fuel Injector

Toyota, as a manufacturer is known for its high-quality, high-value, durable and reliable vehicles.

And they make no compromises when it comes to diesel fuel injectors.

Mackay Diesel Centre offers Toyota diesel fuel injectors online.

While diesel fuel injectors can last for around 150,000 kms, they are still prone to wear and tear.

Maintaining Toyota diesel fuel injectors

Clean the injector with fuel cleaners and additives

Fuel additives and cleaners can be used to clean the injectors and remove minor clogs, deposits and debris build up. These cleaners contain concentrated fuel detergents that are poured into the fuel tank. The detergents flow through the system and clean any deposits on the injector tips.

Use fuel cleaner additives that can remove any dirt or debris buildup. Follow storage techniques. Keep your car in the garage to maintain its even temperature. If you don’t have a garage, you can have it parked in a public parking/storage place.

Use only good quality diesel

Use only high-quality diesel to avoid particle contamination. Any contamination in the fuel can cause debris which can clog the fuel injectors. These particles can also react with chemicals and corrode the injector.

Regular maintenance helps in avoiding any premature failure of the fuel injectors and ensures that your vehicle gives maximum efficiency and performance.

However, the diesel injectors can fail prematurely due to a number of reasons.

The main reasons are:

• Clogging in the fuel injector due to usage of low quality diesel
• Leakage in the fuel injector
• Structural damage in the mechanism

Signs your Toyota diesel fuel injector is failing

Trouble in starting the vehicle

A vehicle taking longer to start or failing to start is a prominent symptom of bad fuel injectors. This can happen when enough fuel is not being supplied to the engine to turn over. It can be caused either by clogging or leakage in fuel injectors.

Misfiring of the vehicle

Along with trouble starting the engine, the engine can also start misfiring because of bad fuel injectors. It can be caused due to clogging and can be fixed by cleaning the injector. However, if it is ignored for long, it can cause serious damage to the engine.

Fuel economy and mileage is reduced

A vehicle can start consuming more fuel because of a failing injector. To reach the optimum performance, a vehicle with a bad fuel injector will use up more fuel. This means the fuel economy and mileage is reduced and your expenses on fuel are increased. This reduction can happen gradually but if you start noticing that your vehicle is using up more fuel, get the injectors checked at once.

Fuel smell coming from the vehicle

It is obvious that you can smell fuel when it is in the open and around you. Fuel smell coming from the car is a prominent sign of fuel leakage from the injector. It can happen if the seal is cracked or the valves do not close properly. Driving with fuel leakage can be highly dangerous and its best to get the injectors checked at once.

Loss of power in vehicle

Inconsistent fuel supply can cause the vehicle to rev in an unusual manner and the RPM gauge to go up and down. Fuel supply gets inconsistent if there is a leakage or clogging in the injectors. This directly impacts the performance of the vehicle.

Get your vehicle’s fuel injectors checked at once if you notice any of the above symptoms.

Diesel fuel injector installations

If the injectors are not installed correctly, it can lead to premature failure. This can cost you heavy repairs and replacement. Get diesel fuel injectors installed by qualified professionals.

Along with selling diesel fuel injectors, we also offer repairs and installations at Mackay Diesel Centre.

Buy the best Toyota diesel fuel injectors online from Mackay Diesel Centre.

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