Diesel Fuel Pumps

A diesel fuel injector pump is used to pump diesel into the internal combustion chamber of the vehicle’s engine. It is an important part as it supplies the fuel to the engine for its functioning.

These pumps manage the timing from the injection of the fuel till when the maximum combustion is reached. And also atomises the fuel for improved ignition to achieve full combustion.

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It is important to keep the pumps operating in their best conditions for maximum performance. Problems with fuel pumps can be caused due to a lot of reasons that can affect the functioning of the entire vehicle.

Reasons why diesel fuel pumps fail

These are two main causes of diesel injector pump failure.

Vehicle running on low fuel

If the vehicle is running on low fuel, it puts extra strain on the pumps to work harder. This can cause damage to the pumps and you may need to get them replaced. Make sure you always maintain appropriate fuel level in the tank so that pumps can work smoothly.

Breakdown of engine or fuel injector

Breakdown of the engine directly impacts the pumps. Not only will you have to get the engine repaired but also the pumps replaced.

Get your vehicle serviced on a regular basis to ensure that all the systems and parts are working in their best conditions.

Symptoms of a bad fuel injector pump

Issues with filter

Issues with filters can happen if there’s a problem with the pump. Even though you need to replace the filter periodically, you don’t need to change it very frequently. If you are noticing that the filter is requiring to be changed more frequently than it should, there could be a problem with the pump that needs to be addressed.

Inconsistent fuel pressure

If the fuel pump is not working properly, it gets difficult for the vehicle to maintain good fuel pressure. Low fuel pressure can cause problems with starting the vehicle even when all the other parts are functioning properly.

Unusual high-pitched sounds

If any unusual high pitched sounds like squealing start coming from the vehicle, it could be a sign of a bad fuel injector pump. Although pumps can make different kinds of sounds, it is not difficult to notice a strange sound. Get your vehicle checked with a mechanic at once if you start noticing sounds out of the ordinary.

Difficulty in accelerating

If the pump does not supply an appropriate amount of fuel to the engine, it can cause trouble with accelerating. If you notice the vehicle is not accelerating effectively, get the fuel injector pump checked at the earliest.

Stoppage of engine

Insufficient supply of fuel can cause the engine to stop working. This is caused when the pump does not work properly and needs to be replaced.

Issues with power

Vehicles can lose power if there are problems with the fuel pump. If the vehicle suddenly loses power, you may need to replace the fuel pump.

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