Citroen Fuel Injector Pumps

The fuel injector pumps are important parts of the fuel injection system and for the engine.

They help in the supply of fuel to the engine which makes the vehicle run smoothly and give great performance.

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It is important to have fully and properly functional pumps to maintain the efficiency and performance of the vehicle. Properly working pumps enhance the performance. Whereas, failing pumps can significantly bring it down.

Fuel injector pumps need to be checked and replaced periodically to keep the fuel injectors and the engine safe.

Why fuel injector pumps fail

• Low quality fuel being used
• Vehicle running on low fuel
• Mechanical issues in the fuel injector housing

Use only high quality fuel

Low quality or dirty fuel can cause the fuel pumps to stop working effectively, and in some cases, entirely. Dirty fuel can contain particles that can cause residue build-up in the fuel system. This can cause clogging and the pump stops supplying the right amount of fuel to the engine. It can not only damage the pump, but the injector and the engine as well.

Drive with enough fuel in the tank

Keep at least a third of the tank full at all times. Driving on low fuel can cause pumps to overwork which can damage them. An empty running tank can also trap air and the pump may not supply fuel at proper pressure level.

Signs your fuel pump needs to be replaced

Fuel pressure decreased

Fuel pressure gets lowered when the fuel pump is not working properly. It can be caused by clogging or if too much air gets in the tank. Decrease in fuel pressure can cause problems with the functioning of the engine and the vehicle may not even start even when there is enough fuel.

Vehicle not accelerating properly

If your vehicle starts showing trouble with accelerating, it could be a sign of fuel pump damage. The pump may not be supplying the right amount of fuel which can cause resistance when trying to accelerate.

Engine is stopping

This is caused when the fuel pressure is low. If the fuel pressure decreases, the vehicle may not pick up and the engine may not turn over.

Filter needing frequent replacement

Failing pumps can take the filters down with them. Filters do need to be replaced regularly. But if you notice that the filters are needing more frequent replacements, get the fuel pump checked. If ignored for long, this can damage the fuel injector systems and the engine.

High-pitched sounds from the vehicle

Fuel pumps make a lot of types of sounds but over time, we get used to it. If you start hearing some unusual sounds like squealing coming from the vehicle, this could be your fuel pump getting damaged. Get the fuel pump and the injector checked at once.

Low power

Power loss also happens due to low fuel pressure. If the engine is not getting the right amount of fuel under right pressure, it can decrease the performance of the vehicle.

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