Ford Fuel Injector Pumps

Fuel injector pumps are essential to keep your Ford working smoothly and efficiently.

The injector pumps make an important part of the injection system as they supply the fuel to the engine. They also regulate the pressure under which the fuel is supplied. Any damage in the fuel pump can significantly bring down the performance and even cause the vehicle to stop.

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Signs that your fuel pump may be damaged

Stopping of engine and lack of power

Damage in the fuel pump can lead to insufficient supply of fuel to the engine. With low fuel supply and pressure, the engine may refuse to turn over and you may also notice lack of power in the vehicle.

Vehicle not accelerating properly

This is also caused by the same reason as the engine may not be receiving enough fuel supply to accelerate the car. If you notice that your vehicle is having trouble with acceleration, get the fuel pump checked at once.

High-pitched sounds from the vehicle

Damaged pumps can cause squealing sounds coming from the vehicle. It is a cry for help. Do not ignore if you hear any unusual sounds and get the pump checked at once. If ignored for long, it can cause significant damage to the injector and engine.

Fuel pressure decreased

Clogging in the fuel pump can affect the pressure and cause the fuel pressure to get lowered. This can further cause engine problems and your vehicle may not even start.

Filter needing frequent replacement

If you find that the filters are needing more frequent replacements, it could be a sign of pump damage. Oftentimes, we ignore this and keep changing the filter. But it shouldn’t be ignored as it can cause serious damage to the entire injection system and the engine.

Maintaining Ford Fuel injector pumps

Replacement is always the option when the fuel pumps get damaged. But there are certain steps you can take to maintain them and last for their lifespan.

1. Use only the high quality fuel for your vehicle. It prevents contamination and clogging in the injector system and your fuel pumps work smoothly.
2. Avoid getting fuel at a station that has just received fuel. This fuel may have dirt and deposits which can cause excessive stress on the pump. It can also cause clogging of the pump.
3. Run the vehicle with the appropriate amount of fuel in the tank. Fuel pumps can get heated up and need to stay immersed to stay cool. Running on a low tank can cause excessive heating and stress which can damage the fuel pump.

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