Great Wall Fuel Injector Pumps

Fuel injection pumps are a major part of your Great Wall’s engine. They help in smooth operation and great performance of the vehicle.

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Fuel injector pumps can last for 150,000ksm if maintained in good condition.

However, they are prone to wear and tear and can fail earlier due to a number of reasons.

When to get your Great Wall fuel injector pumps checked

Difficulty starting the vehicle

When fuel injection pumps fail, they lose their ability to effectively supply fuel to the engine. And when the engine is not receiving enough fuel, it may refuse to start.

Engine misfiring

Engine misfiring happens when the engine does not spark properly. Although it could be due to other reasons as well, it could also be happening because of insufficient supply of fuel. Get your fuel pump checked if the engine starts misfiring as it can damage the engine over time.

Engine does not run smoothly

Low fuel supply to the engine brings down the performance of the vehicle. Any damage or clogging in the fuel pump can cut down on the supply of fuel to the engine. This results in improper functioning of the engine and poor performance. If you notice inconsistency like your vehicle runs smoothly at low speed but doesn’t accelerate or the engine starts coughing at high speed, get the fuel pump checked.

Engine getting weak

If you notice that your vehicle is not getting to speed and your engine is getting pushed to its limits, it’s a sign of a weak engine. This can happen due to fuel scarcity in the engine which may be caused by bad fuel pumps.

Smoky exhaust from the vehicle

Smoky exhaust can be caused by a lot of internal issues including bad fuel pumps. The pumps may be damaged or dirty which can cause the exhaust to get smoky.

Top reasons why fuel injector pumps get damaged

Dirty or Low quality fuel being used

Low quality fuel may contain particles that cause clogging in the fuel pump or even react and corrode it. It can cause residue build-up which makes it ineffective to supply enough fuel under the right pressure to the engine. Use high quality fuel to keep your engine and pumps running smoothly.

Not enough fuel in the tank

Running on low fuel can cause heating up of the pump. It can cause the pump to work under more stress and have more wear and tear. This ultimately leads to the damage of the fuel pump. Make sure at least a third of your tank is full at all times.

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