Holden Fuel Injector Pumps

Fuel injector pumps supply the fuel from the tank to the engine under the right pressure. This is an essential function for the working of the entire vehicle.

Although they can last for 150,000 kms. They are also prone to wear and tear and may need to be replaced earlier.

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Holden fuel injector pumps damage signs

Engine stopping or misfiring

Fuel pump damage leads to insufficient supply of fuel to the engine. Due to low fuel pressure and supply, the engine may start misfiring or even refuse to turn over. This should not be ignored as it can damage the engine over time.

Vehicle not accelerating properly

Engine not receiving sufficient fuel supply can cause power, performance and acceleration issues. If there is not enough fuel in the engine, it can get difficult to accelerate the vehicle.

Squealing sound from the vehicle

Failing pumps can cause squealing sounds. Fuel pumps do make some kind of sounds but it is not difficult to notice something unusual. If you start hearing strange sounds, get the fuel pump checked.

Maintaining Holden Fuel injector pumps

Most fuel pumps start showing signs of damage around the end of their lifespan. But sometimes they can fail early due to improper maintenance.

Use only the top quality fuel for the vehicle. Dirty fuel can cause contamination and clogging and the fuel pumps stop working properly.

Avoid running the vehicle on low fuel. Fuel pumps tend to heat up and need to stay immersed for cooling. Running on a low tank can cause excessive heating of the pump and puts more strain which can cause the pumps to fail.

Importance of using high quality fuel

Using low quality dirty fuel can affect the functioning of the fuel pumps. They can cause residue and grease build-up which can lead to clogging of the fuel pump. A clogged fuel pump will not supply the appropriate amount of fuel to the engine. Clogging can also lower the pressure at which the fuel is supplied. This can cause the engine to stop functioning properly, ultimately leading to entire engine damage. It can also cause the vehicle to give poor performance and mileage.

Buy only the top quality fuel to make sure there is no contamination that can damage the fuel pumps, and ultimately, the entire vehicle.

Great fuel pump performance is important to maintain a healthy and properly functioning engine. You may not notice the engine getting damaged at once. But if the vehicle is run with bad fuel injector pumps for long, it can cause serious damage and may cost you heavy repairs and replacements.

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