All vehicles need regular servicing to maintain them and keep them running in their best conditions. Regular servicing keeps a check that all the systems and components are working properly and any issues can be fixed.

Mackay Diesel Centre offers General Vehicle Servicing for all makes and models.

Types of vehicle servicing

Interim car servicing

Interim service is the most basic service that needs to be done after every six months of twice a year. It mainly includes oil and filter changes and lubrication. This service is particularly important for more frequently driven and/or older cars as may require timely oil/filter changes to run smoothly.

Full car servicing

Full car service needs to be performed after every 12,000 miles of driving or at least once a year. Even if your vehicle has not been driven for 12,000 miles, you should still get it done annually and vice versa. This service offers a thorough check and includes around 50 types of system adjustments and checks. Systems like the braking systems, suspension, engine and more are inspected and repaired if needed.

Major car servicing

Major car service is the most expensive and least required service. It can be done once every two years and includes around 60 types of system checks and adjustments. This means that the checks are even more thorough than in the full car service which is not required that often.

Due to various reasons, the systems and components can get damaged and need to be repaired at once.

Warning signs that mean the vehicle needs to be checked

Warning lights are on

This is the most obvious sign that the vehicle needs to be checked. Warning lights can come up due issues with the engine, tyres or sometimes for oil change. Sometimes, we tend to ignore the warning lights which can result in heavy repairs. If you notice the warning lights are on, get the vehicle checked at once. Any minor issues can be fixed before they cause any serious damage and cost you heavy repairs.

Vehicle starts making unusual noises

Vehicles make a lot of different kinds of noises. But it is not difficult to notice something new. Any strange or unusual sounds coming from the vehicle could be the sign of a problem. If the vehicle starts making any grinding, squealing or other strange noises, it is best to get the vehicle checked at once. It could be due to a lot of reasons like issues with failing mechanisms, worn belts and more. The earlier the problem is detected, the easier and less costly are the repairs.

Fuel mileage is lowered

If the vehicle starts burning more fuel and you notice the performance is lowered, it is time for a service. Lower mileage means that some parts or components are not functioning in their best conditions which is causing you more fuel and money. The vehicle needs to be serviced to work efficiently and give the best performance it can.

Vehicle starts vibrating/shaking

Your vehicle should give you a smooth driving experience on the road. If you start noticing any vibrations or shaking when you drive, it means that there is some problem. Vibrations or shaking can indicate a number of problems, minor or major. So, it is best to get it checked at the earliest. As the minor problems can become major if ignored for long.

Vehicle starts stalling when accelerating

If the vehicle starts to stall when trying to accelerate, it means that there is some problem in the system. It could be clogging in the fuel line or you may be in need of spark plugs replacement.

At Mackay Diesel Centre we take care of all your vehicle servicing and repairing needs. Be it a complete service or a minor repair/ replacements, we do it all.

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