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Vehicle diagnostic tests on your vehicle

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Modern day vehicles function on a lot of electronic systems. These systems can help with better control, monitoring and detecting any problems. Any issues with the vehicle can be diagnosed professionally as these systems can present the faults in any components. This helps in early detection and finding out even the minor problems that can be repaired in time.

Mackay Diesel Centre performs diagnostic tests for vehicles of all makes and models.

What is a vehicle diagnostics test?

Automotive technology has made things extremely convenient for vehicle owners. Vehicles are now computerised with microchips, processors and sensors to detect the tiniest of faults. Diagnostic tests are carried out using specialised software that efficiently find faults and recognize problems with vehicles so that they can be repaired quickly.

This means that vehicle diagnostic testing is the first and one of the most important steps to get your vehicle to work efficiently. It can effectively diagnose issues with a lot of systems.

The diagnostic tests can be done to find out various kinds of issues with:

• Engine
• Transmission
• Ignition coils
• Brakes
• Exhaust system
• Airflow and coolant
• Fuel injector
• Throttle

Earlier when vehicle diagnostic testing was not available, finding out problems was a lot more difficult and tedious job. It would use a lot of manpower, time and cost more. Sometimes, the problem wouldn’t even be detected till the vehicle broke down. But, thanks to diagnostic testing for making our lives easier now. With the help of diagnostic tests, even the minor problems can be detected and repaired before it turns into something major.

When to get a vehicle diagnostics test done?

It is advisable to get diagnostic testing done for your vehicle at least once a year. You do not have to necessarily wait for any major symptoms to start showing to get your vehicle diagnostics done. Any minor problems that may be physically undetectable can also be found out and repaired way earlier before they become major issues.

If you observe any strange behaviours in your vehicle, you can get the diagnostic testing done to figure out the exact issue.

The common warning signs that you need to get vehicle diagnostic testing done:

• If you observe that the vehicle’s performance is lowered and is not working as efficiently as it should be.
• If the engine light gets turned on intermittently or permanently
• Or lights like the battery light are on
• If the mileage is lowered, the car is using more fuel
• If your notice black smoke from the exhaust
• If you can smell burnt fuel
• If the car is jerking, shaking or vibrating

Benefits of getting vehicle diagnostic tests done

Get faster diagnosis of issues

Any issues can be identified faster with diagnostic testing. It saves a lot of time and the repairs can be started quickly. This means that you get a quick service overall.

Save money in the long run

Diagnostics can help detect problems in their early stages. This means that the problems can be fixed when they’re still minor and the cost of repairing is less. Repairing a minor problem in some part always costs less than replacing the entire part.

Better vehicle performance

Diagnostics test the vehicle’s emissions and electric systems to check if the car is performing at its best.

Our team of experts at Mackay Diesel Centre perform diagnostic tests for vehicles of all makes and models. We understand the functioning of automotive systems and detect and fix any issues with the vehicle.

Using our advanced and latest technology for diagnostics testing, our expert technicians can diagnose any kind of issues and repair them effectively.

Book with us now to get diagnostic tests and repairs done for your vehicle.


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